"to know God, to know one another, and to make God known"



No matter where you are in your own spiritual growth, we welcome you to become a regular attender of our church!

We have people at all levels of Christian growth, from those who are seeking and investigating Christianity, to young Christians, to those who are mature in the walk with Christ. We offer several ministry options to meet the needs of people at all levels of spiritual development. We warmly invite you to be a part of what God is doing here!

what to expect

Every visitor wonders: "What's it like at XYZ church?" Here's a brief description of what it's like to visit us for a Sunday service:

Service starts at 10:30am, but come a little early and enjoy good coffee at our Coffee bar... free, of course!
You enter the church building. A few people are out in the foyer, having coffee and conversation. Some friendly person will likely come up and say "hi" and "welcome" and offer a cup of coffee.

Entering the sanctuary, the atmosphere is extremely casual. Lots of noise, laughing and conversation, before the service begins. Very few are "dressed up."

Service begins, all but the platform lights go off, and we stand, sing and worship for about 20-25 minutes. We love to worship of God! Music is a contemporary "light-rock" style with the occasional hymn, more like what you might hear on 88.1 KLOVE Radio. Some people raise their hands in worship.

After worship, the lights come up and a Service Leader takes the mic, greets the people, offers a thought from Scripture, a few announcements and then we take up the offering. Sometimes there's a musical selection, a video or perhaps a word of testimony.

At this point, we release children, K through 3rd grade for Children's Church classes, and parents take their infants & toddlers to the nursery.

After the children are released, we have a 5 minute "Meet and Greet" time. People are "all over the place" saying "hi," or breaking for the bathroom.

Then the pastor (somehow) gets everyone back in their seats for the sermon. His messages run about 40-45 minutes, usually an exposition on a passage of Scripture.

Service concludes with prayer and/or a song, and prayer ministers are available up front to pray with anyone who would like prayer.

On the way out, we give our visitors a small gift to show our appreciation for you choosing to worship with us!












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